About Triangles Group

TRIANGLES GROUP, a multi-disciplinary business house, was established in 1988 to undertake specialized supports to Government, Semi-government and Private sectors. Engr. Shah Khaled Reza, after having served in the government for twenty years, established the group. Mr. Reza held many responsible and important positions during his service. He also received a number of training in various countries during service. Using the vast knowledge and experience, he focused the main business on engineering products and in the long run the group earned high reputation.

On the basis of the developing strategy, demands of the valued customers and respected patronizes, the activities of the company multiplied in many folds. Exercise of sound engineering knowledge through  matured  business  administration  by skilled

Engr. Shah Khaled Reza
Managing Director
experts has deepened the reliability of our involvement in the specific and industrial fields. Activities of the group are intended to cover wide spectrum of engineering and technology. Ethical discharge of business and engineering practices made the group more dependable to the others.

During these present days the group is fully in motion with effective momentum. Our main activities cover government and autonomous bodies related to engineering needs. The firm is adequately equipped and able to undertake the responsibility of being local agent / commission agent of foreign manufacturer/producers. The firm has spread its contacts to over 20 countries and turning good deals.

Now a day the group is functioning as

  1. Local Agent or Commission agent of any foreign company, manufacturer or general traders, suppliers etc.
  2. Partner of a joint venture with any foreign or local counterpart.
  3. Distributor for sale or promotion of sale of any foreign manufacturer or buying house.
  4. Undertake Consultancy Services; also on JV or in association basis.
  5. Partner of any foreign counterpart for any collaboration on trade for mutual benefit.

The group has been working under the following captions.

•  Triangle Trade International
•  Triangle Consultants Ltd.
•  Triangle Construction.
•  Triangles Ltd.

Annual turnover of the group: US$ 10 m
No. of personnel : 17
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