Motor, Cables & Accessories

SEW Provides:

  • AC/ DC Motors/ Brake, Geared Motors
  • Servomotors/ Geared Servomotors
  • Reduction Gear Units
  • Mechanical Variable Speed Drives
  • Electronically Controlled Variable Speed Drives (MOVIMOT)
  • Variable Frequency Inverters (MOVITRAC) etc.
Geared Motors

Geared Motors

SEW Inverters
the small but smart inverter

  • The wide range of functions; a broad range of applications
  • Integrated Keypad
  • All parameters can be entered quickly and simply
  • Parameters can be selected direcctly from the functions menu
Frequency Inverter

Power Cable

  • High Voltage and Extra High Voltage XLPE Under Ground, Aerial Bundled and Submarine Cables, Armoured and Non-armoured
  • Hard Drawn Bare Aluminium Conductors, AAC/AAAC
  • Aluminium Conductors Steel Reinforced, ACSR, Duplex & Quarduplex
Power Cable

REPL Products

Heat Shrink Technology

- Indoor & Outdoor Terminations for 3-C & 1-C XLPE / PVC cables.

- Straight through joints and Branch Joints.

- Joints for control and signal cables.

- End Caps for sealing cable ends.

-Heat Shrink Adhesive Coated Tubes.

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