Group Members

Triangles Ltd.

This is a General Trading Company. Import of engineering products for Local Supply against specific order and also for open market. The firm pays attention to the of Bangladeshi Products, eg, Jute products, Garments, Handicrafts, Leather products, and Electrical & Electronic products, for export to other countries. This firm also has general workshop facility under which special type vehicles were made and supplied.

Triangle Consultants Ltd.

This is a specialized consulting house biasing on Power Sector i.e Planning, Design, Construction supervision and Document preparation related to Power Plants, Transmission & Distribution, Substations etc, including Environmental and Social impact studies.

Triangle Construction.

This was established later eighties to undertake mechanical and electrical construction works. Later it was diverted towards civil constructions. Dedicated, enriched with qualified technical and administrative personnel made the firm more popular to the clients. Design, drawing, procurement of quality material, testing/analyses, execution, supervision of work, quality control and other related work are proficiently handled by our team of experts when situation demands. This firm is enlisted in as many as twelve government and semi-government organizations; and also in some private organizations with a list of different machineries available keeping the firm fully in motion with effective momentum.

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