Material Handling Equipments

Industrial Cranes

Electric Overhead Traveling
(EOT) Cranes

(Experience the Difference)

  • Industrial Cranes 4-400:SWL up to-75 tones.
  • Heavy Duty Cranes 5-500: SWL up to 500 tones.
  • Hand Operated Cranes: SWL 250 Kg to 20 tones.
  • Jib Cranes: Pedestal and Wall Mounted Jibs.
  • Hazardous Environment/Explosion Cranes.
  • Container handling / Port automation/ Bespoke Cranes.
  • Electric and hand chain hoist
  • Crane Kits

Liebherr Harbour Mobile Cranes:

Multipurpose use of Harbor Cranes, 10t to 140 with cross-country mobility.

Hydraulic Excavator, Construction Cranes, Mining Excavators and Trucks, Hydraulic Rope Excavators, Crawler Tractors and loaders, Wheel loaders, Mixing Technology, Container and Mobile Dock Crane, ship and Offshore Cranes. Other equipments.

Mobile Crane

Mobile Crane


Electric and IC Engine powered 0.5t to 40t, wheel mounted low and high mast.

Forklift Truck
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